Rubber Wheel Chocks

Freyer Rubber wheel chocks are made from a tough rubber compound and come in a variety of grades and styles. Pyramid chocks are reversible and available in black and bright orange. They are fitted with a steel ring for an easy chain or rope attachment.


  • Freyer pyramid and rubber wheel chocks are OSHA 1910.178 compliant
  • Manufacturer’s 5-Year Warranty

Model 68-9 Pyramid style rubber wheel chocks come in black or bright orange colors. The 68-9 rubber wheel chock is made from a tough and durable compound. The 68-9 is a good fit for chocking heavy equipment and semi-truck trailers. It’s a tough and versatile chock.

Rubber wheel chock WC8710 is available in black. This model is a grooved rubber chalk. The design and material give it great grip and reliability. It is contoured to fit snug against the tire and feature a tab on the back to fit chain or rope.

Series WC89-7 is a rubber wheel chock with a contoured design to fit the tire. With a 9” vertical and tough grip design, this chock gets down to business. WC89-7 comes in 7” x 9” x 7.75” dimensions and weighs 5 lbs. It is a solid and reliable chock.

WC-5810 is made of a strong fiber reinforced rubber material. This rubber wheel chock features a non-collapsible construction and is fitted with a tough molded-in handle for easy carrying. This chock’s ideal application is in the utility space. It may also be fitted with chain or rope for easy use.  This is our most economical rubber wheel chock option with great reliability and price performance.

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ImageModelSize (H x W x L )WeightPriceSpecsheetOrder Now
0001907_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-boxed_80WC68-9B MOLDED BLACK BOXED6" X 8" X 97.2500

0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9W10 MOLDED BLACK W/10' CHAIN6" X 8" X 912.0000$33.30BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9W12 MOLDED BLACK W/12' CHAIN6" X 8" X 913.0000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9W15 MOLDED BLACK W/15' CHAIN6" X 8" X 914.0000

0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9W20 MOLDED BLACK W/20' CHAIN6" X 8" X 916.0000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC-8710B MOLDED W/HDL BOXED8" X 10" X 7.2516.0000$28.90file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC-8710BW10 MOLDED W/HDL BOXED W/10' CHAIN8" X 10" X 7.2516.0000$43.80BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC-8710BW12 MOLDED W/HDL BOXED W/ 12' CHAIN8" X 10" X 7.2516.0000$46.80BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC-8710BW15 MOLDED W/HDL BOXED W/15' CHAIN
8" X 10" X 7.2516.0000$51.30BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC-8710BW20 MOLDED W/HDL BOXED W/20' CHAIN8" X 10" X 7.2516.0000$58.80BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC89-7B MOLDED BOXED7.75" X 9" X 716.0000$26.40file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC89-7W10 MOLDED W/10' CHAIN ATTACHED7.75" X 9" X 716.0000$41.40BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC89-7W12 MOLDED W/12' CHAIN ATTACHED7.75" X 9" X 716.0000$44.40BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC89-7W15 MOLDED W/15' CHAIN ATTACHED7.75" X 9" X 716.0000$48.90BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC89-7W20 MOLDED W/20' CHAIN ATTACHED7.75" X 9" X 716.0000$56.40
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9ORB MOLDED ORANGE BOXED6" X 8" X 911.0000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9ORW10 MOLDED ORANGE W/10' CHAIN ATTACHED6" X 8" X 915.5000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9ORW12 MOLDED ORANGE W/12' CHAIN ATTACHED
6" X 8" X 916.5000$53.00BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9ORW15 MOLDED ORANGE W/15' CHAIN ATTACHED6" X 8" X 917.0000$57.50BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80WC68-9ORW20 MOLDED ORANGE W/20' CHAIN ATTACHED6" X 8" X 920.0000$65.00BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80M-WC5810B BOXED5" X 8" X 1010.0000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80M-WC5810W10 BOXED W/10' CHAIN ATTACHED5" X 8" X 1014.4000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80M-WC5810W12 BOXED W/12' CHAIN ATTACHED5" X 8" X 1015.3000
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80M-WC5810W15 BOXED W/15' CHAIN ATTACHED5" X 8" X 1016.6000$55.20BuyNow-button-blue
0001908_wheel-chock-8-x-8-x-8-laminated-w10-chain-attached_80M-WC5810W20 BOXED W/20' CHAIN ATTACHED5" X 8" X 1018.8000