Wheel Chocks

Freyer wheel chocks are made in the USA with high-quality processes in a variety of materials and styles. Our line of wheel chocks will keep your loading dock, garage or work area safe.  Proper use of wheel chocks ensures parked vehicles and trailers stay put. Chocking wheels during loading and unloading prevents wheel roll and “trailer creep.” These are hazardous conditions that cause many workplace accidents resulting in serious fall and crush injuries.

OSHA 1910.178 requires that trucks and trailers in your work area are chocked during loading and unloading. Forklifts have fallen between gaps in un-chocked trailers. When wheel chocks are not utilized trailers and box trucks can “creep” away from the loading dock.  This creates a great danger for employees working at your loading dock. Freyer offers signage and hangers to keep wheel chocks easily accessible. Clear signage sends a message that using chocks on every load, every time is not a suggestion – it is a requirement.

Tire Chocks: Recycled Laminated Rubber Chocks

Tire chocks are made from recycled rubber reinforced cutouts, compressed between steel plates and fitted together with extra-strength steel rods. Tire chocks have great traction in wet areas and are design for function and reliability. Tire chocks are available in 8” x 8” x 8” size with chain available in lengths of 10′ to 20′.


  • Fiber reinforced die cut rubber assembled on 3/4″ steel rods assembled at high pressure between 1/4″ steel plates makes for a tough wheel chock
  • Shaped for function tire chocks fit snug against truck tires for optimal function
  • Laminated rubber wheel chocks are OSHA 1910.178 compliant
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

Metal (Aluminum) Wheel Chocks

Aluminum wheel chocks have 100% Aluminum construction to prevent sparking in hazardous work zones. The heavy-duty metal construction is well suited to block wheels of heavy equipment like fire trucks, EMS, mining and hazardous waste carriers. A great fit for tough jobs with grip tooth design to prevent slipping. Aluminum wheel chocks measure 5″ X 11-5/8″ X 7″. They also come with or without a chain. Chains come in lengths of 10′ to 20′.


  • Weighs less than 6 1/2 lbs., the SC-8 aluminum is lightweight and non-sparking
  • All aluminum bottom with grip tooth design to stay put
  • Suited for heavy-duty equipment like fire trucks, EMS and hazardous material trailers.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Freyer’s line of rubber wheel chocks ranges from heavy to medium duty. Pyramid chock design is available in black and bright orange colors. Our chocks provide great service life and reliability. There are many models to choose from.

Model WC68-9, Pyramid Wheel Chock is available in black or bright orange. It’s a heavy-duty long service life solution, reversible rubber wheel chock with a steel ring. 68-9 is made of a tough rubber compound to hold up to the elements and pressure of the workload. This is a reliable and versatile chock.

Model WC-8710 is available in black. This wheel chock is grooved for grip and features a tab at the back to attach a chain or rope. The 8710 is a countered chock designed for great grip and performance.

Model WC89-7B Rubber wheel chock with a contoured design to fit snug to the tire. Comes in size 7” x 9” x 7.75” and weighs 5 pounds. It is a solid and reliable chock.

Model WC-5810 is molded from tough reinforced rubber. It features a non-collapsible construction and is fitted with a tough molded-in handle for easy carrying. It is best suited for utility applications. The 5810 may be ordered with a chain to make it more accessible at the loading dock.


  • Freyer rubber wheel chocks are OSHA 1910.178 compliant.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

Urethane Wheel Chocks

Urethane molded wheel chocks are lightweight yet heavy duty. Urethane wheel chocks Orange color gives these chocks high visibility on the loading dock while their lightweight makes them easy to move and carry. They are resistant to cracking and provide a long service life.


  • Higher Chemical and Oil resistance than other wheel chock materials
  • Shaped to fit snug to tire while designed to grip both the tire and the pavement
  • Compliant with OSHA 1910.178 trucking industry regulations
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

Wheel Chock Holder and Signage

Freyer’s signs, wheel chock holder, and chain make sure that your wheel chocks are put to good use when they are deployed at the work area. Add a sign, chain and wheel chock holder to your order to keep chocks accessible and to remind everyone at your loading dock or facility that proper chocking is not a suggestion – it is a requirement of every load, every time. See the chart below for compatible models that fit this wheel chock holder.


  • Securing your chocks to a building with a wheel chock holder makes them visible, easy to manage and store
  • Wheel Chock Signage is a constant reminder to drivers and responsible persons of the need to use chocks and keep the loading dock and work area safe
  • Wheel chock chains join pairs of wheel chocks for easy storage, control and organization
  • Compatible Wheel Chock models: 88-8, 68-9, 811-7, SC-8